Our story is one of grass roots, after seeking out an alternative to conventional modern medicine, a path of ancient natural self healing using acupressure + crystal technology was taken. Bringing forth a product range originally created for myself and loved ones, which is now ready to share with you!

After years of damaging my physical and mental health through my line of work, lifestyle choices and the heightened pressures, stresses and worries that becoming a parent for the first time brings, I was forced to rebuild myself.

Through the passion of wanting to heal myself and experiencing a wide spectrum of natural health practices I found that Acupressure is the ultimate body-hack. Changing our physical and mental well-being, rapidly, with profound healing effects when practised on a regular basis.

At this time I also developed a mild obsession with collecting and studying a wide range of crystals and practiced regular deep meditation with them, allowing me to experience the energy that they can emit and discovering the perfect combination for amplifying the movement of natural healing energy around my body. Hematite being one of my favourites to meditate with, made this partnership of acupressure and crystal, a "crystal" clear choice.

For anyone looking to improve their physical and mental state Acupressure + Crystal Technology is something we could all benefit from!

An amazing drug free, non-invasive natural way to treat yourself and your family.


Vincent Edwards creator/founder/owner of Hema-ties