Clara Collings   5 star***** 

It was a day changer for me the first time I wore my Hema-ties. I went from being pretty strung out to feeling grounded and clear again. I wear mine for meditation and relaxation, or when I just need help to focus more on a task. It's great to have to hand on a long drive. 
I also love the feeling after wearing it, there seems to be a renew of energy in the hemispheres of my brain with a rebalancing effect. I also use a neophone regularly and the effects feel quite similar to that, but this is a fraction of the cost.

Big thanks



Toni Sutcliffe-Whyte   5*****

Honestly I never thought something like would work! I have epilepsy that brings on migraines really bad and after an episode today I placed this around my head and after a short while the migraine eased off, I was even able to drive for 60 miles with it comfortably on and no headaches or discomfort etc. Really fast secure shipping too, I was shocked! Lovely company to buy from and I'm now recommending to everyone I know. Like with the amber teething anklets, I'm sceptical of how well something like this could work but.. Amazed! I'm a neuroscientist too!

Kate Samprati Yoga Ingleby-Lewis 5*****

As a Yoga instructor I was really interested in trying the Acu-pressure head bands and I wasn't disappointed! 
I actually found so much more focus while teaching my classes, I felt grounded and clear so much do I actually kept it on after I'd finished the class! 
Definitely going to continue to use Hema-Ties.


Matt Hew  5 star*****

I've been using my Hema-Tie on long driving journeys and find it invaluable. I had a few profound moments of inspiration when wearing it too. I've been exploring pressure points and intuitive stretching for years working on a yoga mat with a tennis ball to relive tension in my psoas muscle, I feel that the Hema-Tie is yet another invaluable tool available to me to help tune my whole body. Thank you!


Marianna Havlitusova   5 star*****

I met Vince (the founder of Hema-Ties product) about 2 months ago. After expressing my exhaustion from Insomnia (inability to sleep) and constant Migraines, he offered his product which had apparently great potential to ease my problems. At first, I did not pay too much attention to the actual product (which seemed too good to be truth), but seeing how passionate and knowledgeable Vince was in this area, I just had to give it a go. 
It has been about 7 weeks since I’ve started using Hema-Tie. At first I would wear it once a day, for about 10 – 15 minutes. Within a week increased the “dosage” to 2 – 3 times a day. The other day got a funny looks from my Post Man when he came along and saw me with a strange head gear (without me even realizing), haha. The actual product is very light weight and fully adjustable. The second you pop it on it creates Pleasant Sensation on your Forehead. If I wear it while having stressful day or my head feels funny, I just pop it to freezer for a minute or two and that cooling sensation increases the relieve of anything negative that might be going on. Honestly, I just love it! 
Let’s talk about Hema-Ties effects though. I had been dealing with severe migraines for past 20 years, increasing on length and frequency by year. I would be in a lot of pain for about 15 – 25 days each month. Lately my stomach would hurt too due to overmedicating with strong painkillers. My sleeping pattern (after having children) got so bad, that I hardly got 4 hours of good sleep a night. Ever since using Hema-Ties I would only deal with light headaches here and there, they are very manageable without taking any painkillers. My stomach has settled and I sleep much better too. Due to so much positive changes inside my body I feel more like myself again, drowsiness and tiredness are pretty much gone. Approaching 40 years of age with 3 little boys running around, this has been one of the greatest positive change in my life. Looking forward to even more positive results in months to come. I personally would recommend trial of this product to anyone.


Ben-Ji White   5 star*****

This worked incredibly well. For the last 4 years I been suffering with headaches and after using the Hema-ties for 30 mins every day for a week the headache have permanently gone away now. 3 weeks headaches clear


Mitch Garlington   5 star*****

Would highly recommend this product to one and all xx I get quite bad headaches and since using this product I have find it has certainly helped to calm things down. This definitely needs to be available in more shops xx 10/10


Melissa Dowden   5 star*****

I really found this product very beneficial. Such a simple but powerful method of relaxation, well suited for our modern day lifestyle. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.


Tristram West   5 star*****

Love the feel of this product as soon as it went on I experienced an instantaneous ease and relaxation over my upper body. It's comfortable, sits well without looking too far out...Actually I like the style and colours. A great life hack and tool to use on those slightly more challenging days.


Alice Morgan Abrahams   5 star*****

I tried a hema tie today and it was a lovely way to connect with my body and de-stress after a busy morning.


Timothy Wild-Brown   5 star*****

I have been using the Hema-Tie and its helped with pressure headaches, My headaches can be described as a sharp pain behind the eyes. The Hema Tie does a great job to calm my headache down and is very relaxing when I don't have a headache. Highly recommended. 5 Stars!


Nancy Madein Thailand Quinlan   5 star*****

I purchased my Hema-Ties a couple of weeks ago and I wear it pretty much every evening at tea time when the children are starting to get cranky and I'm trying to get tea ready. It helps me relax and stops me from frowning all the time. It does wonders when I have headaches too. I am so happy with this product and would highly recommend to anyone.


Zaheer Zaz   4 star****

I like wearing my hema-tie for short periods of time, up to half and hour when I am trying to relax after a long day. Have worn it while playing guitar or reading and will soon also try it while meditating. I feel a deep quality of relaxation in the head area with it on. I am interested to learn more about how and why it works. I would definitely recommend trying one out.


Mark Jones   5 star*****

The Hema-Tie made a fantastic present for a friend of ours who strongly feels the effects of natural remedies and has a keen interest in holistic stones and their benefits. Highly recommended.


Martyn Jackson   5 star***** 

Got rid of my headache in about 15 minutes of wearing it


Holly Edwards   5 star*****

Excellent product for relaxation. Great design which made it easy to use. Loved the fact the beads were movable so could be used on different pressure points. Especially enjoyed using while breastfeeding.

Jeanna Olsen 5*****

I wear my Hema-Tie most nights before I go to sleep, it really helps me to relax. I also love my Crystal Acupressure Noodle and use it on the move. Such lovely products. Thanks Hema-ties.


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