How I used Acupressure to help my mental health in 3 steps.

In light of Mental Health Awareness week, I would like to share my own personal experience of mental health and how I used acupressure to aid my healing journey!

I personally find it hard to read and write long articles, therefore I will keep this one short and sweet.

Back in 2010 when I first learnt I was going to be a dad my life changed forever! Without even realising a huge pressure had entered my life and crept into my subconscious affecting all areas of my health and wellbeing, and how I processed my life that was unfolding in front of me.

STEP 1 of my healing was to realise and accept that I had a form of mental illness. it took me 6 years to realise something was up. My mental health issue was the inability to stop my mind from racing to past and potential future events, making me, what I call ‘spin out’, unable to process anything with clear thought and reason. I suppose you could categorise this as heightened anxiety.

STEP 2 of my healing was to understand that my caveman attitude to fixing problems right here right now, was not going to work. In reality Healing was going to be a process not a quick fix.

STEP 3 of my healing was to incorporate new and beneficial habbits into my daily routine. Obvious things such as drinking plenty of clean water, healthier food, more sleep (not always easy if you have young children), listening to isochronic tones and learning to meditate, and when I found I was spinning out I would use acupressure (my Hema-ties) to bring me back down and feel relaxed enough to feel focused on the now, allowing me to process situations in a calm and mindful manor, while continuing with my daily tasks. Plus I would wear my hema-ties strictly for 20 minutes a day on top of any anxiety attacks, mainly in the evening helping me to wind down from the day. This daily routine has helped me forge new neuro pathways and muscle memory, allowing me to stay calm and relaxed whatever is coming my way. I suppose in a way, the mind is like a muscle which can be soothed, repaired and retrained.

After a few months of this simple practice I can sincerely say my mental health has improved for the better, and have comfort in knowing I can do something myself when I feel like I need some help.

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Hopefully, this small account of my personal experience with my mental health and how I mange it, can offer some help to someone else. In an age where there a is record number of people suffering with anxiety and depression, it would be great to see more people openly using daily acupressure to aid their natural healing journey.

Vince Edwards