How to use

the Hema-Ties Acupressure Headband

Place the 3 hematite spheres central to the forehead and tie round the back of the head using the 2 outer wooden beads to slide towards the knot, to keep secure.

We recommend the double overhand knot this is a standard tie, just looped round twice. Once in the correct position you can adjust the tension to suit.

The Hema-ties headband can to be worn in any position on the head, for however long you want, it all depends on what feels good for you!

purple head 2.jpg

the Hema-Ties ACUPRESSURE Noodle

Worn on any chosen finger and secured by the rubber grommet. Great for activating potent   pressure points and meridians found all over your body.



For health and safety reasons we recommend not to wear Hema-ties during sleep and keep away from children under 3 as Hema-Ties contains small parts which may present a choking hazard.