Harness the amazing healing powers of acupressure today!

Nestled in its own luxury carry tin, available to use whenever you need it. No pills, no needles, no plastic spikes, no batteries or charging, just soothing and healing acupressure applied with Hematite spheres and adjustable beads, activating key pressure points and meridians, linked to our HEALTH and WELLBEING. 


One being Yin Tang point (Third Eye, GV24.5) which opens the homeostatic mechanisms of the pituitary gland, the body’s master gland of the endocrine system, which is vital for obtaining pain relief, radiant health, and for counteracting hundreds of diseases. All with the added benefits of Hematite.

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Hematite is known for its powerful grounding energies, helping you to feel soothed and relaxed in those stressful or painful situations, making it such a great crystal choice to provide the acupressure.

Now available with:

Clear Quartz - Tiger’s Eye - Amethyst - Rose Quartz - Yellow Calcite - Lucky Green Jade

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Investing in a Hema-ties is investing in yourself.

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