Are you ready to Relax, Heal and Be Present…

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Induce a Wave of Calm

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Promote Natural Healing

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and Feel Focused on the Now…

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then Hema-ties will provide the Acupressure you need!

A timeless and trusted natural health practice, promoting circulation of blood and healing chi (Qi) energy around the body, similar to acupuncture but without the needles. An incredibly simple, quick and effective way to alter our physical and mental state of wellbeing for the better.

Activate Key pressure points to instantly Relax your Central Nervous System and regulate the over production of the stress hormone, Cortisol, making you feel far less stressed and anxious.

Activate Key pressure points to instantly unlock your potential to Heal naturally. Relieve pain and boost your Immune System, plus communicate with liver to aid detox process.

Activate Key pressure points to instantly enhance your focus, and make mindfulness and meditation far easier, learning to live more in the moment, and Be Present.


Nestled in its own luxury carry tin, available to use whenever you need it. No pills, no needles, no plastic spikes, no batteries or charging, just soothing and healing acupressure applied with Hematite spheres and adjustable beads, activating key pressure points and meridians, linked to balancing our health and well-being.

One being Yin Tang point (Third Eye,GV24.5)which opens the homeostatic mechanisms of the pituitary gland, the body’s master gland of the endocrine system, which is vital for obtaining pain relief, radiant health, and for counteracting hundreds of diseases. All with the added benefits of Hematite.

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Hematite is known for its powerful grounding energies, helping you to feel soothed, relaxed and in control, making it such a great crystal to provide the acupressure.

The amazing thing about crystalline structures is that they have the ability to store, emit and focus electromagnetic energy, making them popular tools in healing, Meditation and Reiki. Crystals have been used in conjunction with our health, spanning thousands of years, across many cultures. In fact crystal points were used long before the introduction of needles in acupuncture.

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And don't forget, because of their ability to radiate harmonic frequencies, thus helping to deflect unwanted energies, crystals are becoming popular to use as protection against the over exposure of harmful EMF's, known to ionize our living cells, such as your mobile phone, laptop, WI-FI, smart metres and 5G towers. You can even install a EMF detector app for free to your smart phone to visually see locations that are particularly high in your house, or even out and about.

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